• Wreckoning LB 29″ Monarch Plus RC3 DB (NEW)

    33.000kr Inkl.MVA81.000kr Inkl.MVA
    The Wreckoning is an uphill downhill traction-factory built to give you the confidence to send it. It erases your mistakes, makes its own line, and keeps a look of equal parts fear and excitement on your face at all times. A bold, no-bullshit, game changer, now a Little Better’er.
  • Insurgent LB 650b Monarch Plus RC3 DB

    33.000kr Inkl.MVA81.000kr Inkl.MVA
    The hard charging, berm destroying, 27.5" wheeled unicorn has been reborn. Complete with boost rear axle spacing, improved ride feel, fresh colors and water bottle mounts. The Insurgent LB will have you slashing corners, hitting jump lines, and shredding single-track with an uncontrollable cackling and roost-a-flying feeling of fun that’ll make life just a little bit better’er.
  • Calling 650b Super Deluxe RC3

    33.000kr Inkl.MVA81.000kr Inkl.MVA


    Road trippin’, turn slashin’, side-hit-jibbin’, nose-bonkin’, sprint-climbin’ attitude, that’s the Calling. It’s anti-serious technology guarantees good times 69% of the time (the other 31% you’re climbing). With 130mm Delta delivered travel through our finest formed carbon tubing, 27.5" wheels, and trunnion-mounted-super-deluxe-rear-shock, your only decision is which colour. Push the button.