• SLAP 112

    7.999kr Inkl.MVA
    This ski allows Wadeck Gorak to work hos way up in the Freeride World Tour competition. Ultra versatile, this ski is war weapons on all terrain. Feather-light for a ski at 112 mm underfoot! Destined to devour powder fields or navigate snowy forests, the Slap 112 will still surprise you with its versatility even when you leave its preferred terrain.
  • SLAP 104

    7.799kr Inkl.MVA
    Intrigued by freeride but unready to leave the groomers forever? Light and playful on all terrain! The legendary versatility of S-104 is made... Easy in difficult snow, the Slap 104 permits skiers to play with off-piste terrain but also carve long turns thanks to its excellent traction on hard and groomed snow.
  • SLAP 122

    9.199kr Inkl.MVA
    Do you know how to find your limits? Tolerant and adaptive to all ski styles by using its lift, the Slap 122 will make you blissfully push your pace and gain speed whether the snow be untracked or already chopped. What’s more, its surprising maneuverability will permit you to navigate all the obstacles of the forest with ease.
  • SLAP 104 LADY

    7.799kr Inkl.MVA
    Light and easy! This ski addresses to women who are looking for a versatile ski ready to play off-piste and also perform on-piste. Light and easy in fresh snow, the Slap 104 Lady is also strong on the groomers thanks to its short radius and great traction on hard snow. 104 mm on the waiste? Can’t belive it!
  • UBAC 95

    8.599kr Inkl.MVA
    Approved by the Guides of Chamonix, the UBAC 95 is one of the greats in terms of touring skis! Totally reinvented as a result of long hours of work in our ZAG Lab, the new UBAC 95 impro- ves on its already strong fundamentals. Even more effective and stable in all snow types, its excellent skiabilty remains unchanged thanks to its 5 points shape and short radius. Do we even need to mention its light weight?
  • UBAC 102

    9.199kr Inkl.MVA
    A minimal burden during the climb despite its 102mm waist thanks to a light-weight design that out-performs all competition. Big brother to the UBAC 95, the UBAC 102 guarantees higher performance in the powder as well as at high speeds. Playful and hungry to accelerate, it will push you to find your limits!
  • UBAC 95 LADY

    8.599kr Inkl.MVA
    The UBAC 95 Lady is designed for female tourers who know that one must climb to enjoy the best descents. Also resulting from long hours of work In the ZAG Lab, this brand new ski surprises with its versatility. On groomers and in powder fields, this ski adapts to turns of all types, from quick turns to huge curves. The UBAC 95 Lady has an answer to all of your demands.
  • H-86

    7.499kr Inkl.MVA
    A high performance and intuitive ski with an excellent grip on hard snow, even at high speeds! Its high torsion resistance makes for a vigorous and dynamic ski that remains intuitive and easy to use. Its progressive and bulky tip make turns easier and provides lift in powder even at low speeds.
  • H-96

    7.699kr Inkl.MVA
    Developed and used by the ski patrollers of the Mont-Blanc Valley, the H-95 offers comfort, security, and performance on the whole mountain. Not only does this ski glide through turns of any size on-piste, the H-95 will lead you to untracked powder fields. Maneuverability and ease-of-use makes this the perfect match for those searching for a ski that does everything.
  • H-106

    8.599kr Inkl.MVA
    Ultimate weapon for freeriders! A ski dedicated to 100% freeride practice, manoeuvrable in both powder or icy conditions. Efficient in any snow, the H-106 is the essence of freeride. This is the ski for everyone looking for something manoeuvrable and stable for any off-piste sessions.
  • H-116

    9.199kr Inkl.MVA
    100% freeride for the big powder sessions! The legendary ZAG team ski... its flat-end allows this freeride gun to keep its alpine character. A weapon for all who are looking to make turns in the wild and lonely spaces. For competition day or just for fun, this H-116 has no limit.
  • H-86 LADY

    7.499kr Inkl.MVA
    Intuitive and comfortable, don’t judge this ski by its narrow waist and short turn radius. While allowing you to carve effortless turns on the groomers, this ski is also remarkably versatile off-piste, especially thanks to its progressive tips. This is a ski designed for women who want to leave the groomers when the conditions are right without sacrificing performance on hard snow when the conditions aren’t there.